Dr. Shaikat Gupta cured Seninomo Testis successfully

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Dr. Shaikat Gupta leading onco surgeon in Kolkata performed critical surgery

According to doctors it is a very rare case in the world, in this state they got a sign of it. A person named Swapan Barman (name changed) of 25 years age has vagina, uterus, fallopian tube along with testis and uterus, this kind of disease is called “Ovatestis”. He works in a BPO at Salt Lake. He was suffering from pain in his stomach. He went to a hospital near E M Bypass and there they found that his testis has remained within his body. They also found a tumor on the right side of the testis. After doing Biopsy of the tumor they found it a malignant tumor. According to them, this is called “Seninomo Testis”, they placed it on the right place after operating it.

After few days, he started suffering pain on his anus. At that time he consulted with the helpline of cancer in Apollo Gleneagles Hospital. Arundhati Chakraborty and Dr Shaikat Gupta, best cancer Surgeon in Kolkata, they went through his case study. They found a “testis” kind of organ in the middle of his anus. After several tests they came to know that it is a testis and not only is that he having fallopian tube also. From biopsy they came to know that they previous tumour was not at all malignant. When operating the second time, they removed the testis and fallopian tube.
Dr Shaikat Gupta is one of the well known onco surgeon in Kolkata, he succeeded in operating maximum cases. He is specialist in oral, breast, stomach, survical, rectal, cologne, uterine cancer. He is also member of Royal Society of Medicine, Association of Surgeons of India, Indian Association of Surgical Oncology, Indian Society of Oncology, The Royal College of Surgeons.

According to Oncologists in Kolkata, it is a very rare case and a lot of research is going on regarding this. It is found that it may happen if a person goes through sex change. He does not have any symptoms of feminism. It obviously depends on genetic. He is told by expert doctors that he can lead a happy married life but can never be biological father.

-Kolkata, 20th April, 2010,
Anandabazar patrika.
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