Check out for successful cancer operation done by Dr. Shaikat Gupta famous oncologist in kolkata

There are a huge number of surgical cases of Dr. Shaikat Gupta, best cancer surgeon in Kolkata that has not been published in leading newspaper. This is one of the many cases of this surgical oncologist in Kolkata. This is the case of a middle class family, it is about the mother of Partha Bhattacharya whose mother was suffering from breast cancer, one of the type of cancer suffered by women. They almost lost all their hope regarding her treatment. Partha came to know about Dr. Shaikat Gupta. He decided to treat his mother through his guidance at Tata Memorial Hospital, one of the leading cancer counseling centres in Kolkata. All their family echoed, “For God’s sake, don’t have it in Kolkata”. But his mother decided on the contrary, preferring Dr. Saikat Gupta’s care at Apollo Gleneagles Hospital, best cancer hospital in Kolkata instead, and now she is doing okay.

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