Dr. Shaikat Gupta addressed seminar on cancer awareness

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Dr. Shaikat Gupta addressed seminar on cancer awareness

Kohima, September 22. Nagaland in collaboration with Apollo Gleneagles Hospital Kolkata organized a one-day Cancer Awareness programme at NHAK Kohima on Thursday. This joint venture was instigated in the interest and welfare of the general public in general and medical professionals in the state in particular.

Speaking all the valedictory session of the programme as chief guest at Hotel Japfo Kohima, state additional chief secretary & development commissioner Alemtemshi Jamir said that intensive cancer awareness needed to be created throughout the state. Pointing out that more than 20 crores of rupees were being ushered in for generation of awareness on HIV and AIDS, Jamir said that the government needed to review and evolve certain policies for cancer awareness program as it was a very serious illness that was taking its toll on the people of the state with more than 500 new cases being detected in the past year alone.

He laid emphasis on awareness to reach village level and also expressed hope that the goal could be achieved will be thorough deliberation and dissemination of information, alongside collaboration from Apollo Gleneagles Cancer Hospital (AGCH) Kolkata. Expressing concern that records showed 80-90% of cancer cases being caused due to the lifestyle of the people, Jamir exhorted the medical fraternity of the state on the need for a deeper research on “lifestyle aspect” in Nagaland.

While appreciating the AGCH for showing their concerns for the people of a remote state such as Nagaland, he also suggested that as the state government considered healthcare as an important sector, special hospitals could be set up in the state in partnership with a leading healthcare provider such as Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals.

Delivering the keynote address, AGCH surgical oncology HoD Dr. Shaikat Gupta stated that besides exchanging of skills, experiences and learning from each other, this joint venture of AGCH and the government of Nagai and also aims at oncology skill upgradation of the medical fraternity in the state.

While proposing to conduct bimonthly free cancer screening in the state, he added that his team would look forward to performing surgeries here as well.

Dr. Gupta appraised the gathering on both basic data and technicalities in battling with cancer. Stating that 70-80% cancer cases were detected at a late stage which often becomes incurable, Dr. Gupta stressed on the importance of early detection of the disease, maintaining that basic steps on how to detect cancer at its early stage should also be included in the school curriculum.

He stated that cancer was not just a disease in the sense that many families with cancer patients go bankrupt trying to fool the bills of medical treatment, and added that AGCH Kolkata has come up with supportive therapies with the objective of bringing down the financial burden of affected families.

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