Dr. Shaikat Gupta does what U.K. docs couldn’t

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Dr. Shaikat Gupta leading oncologist in Kolkata given a new life to Shobjan Bibi

For over a year, Shobjan Bibi malignant tumour in the oesophagus who was suffering from survived on injectible fuilds as the tumour made her incapable of taking any food and later even water. She used to stay in a developed country, Britan though she was originally from Bangladesh but still she was still at a condition of stake. Doctors had dismissed the possibility of surgery because of the enormous size of tumour. Initially a combination of chemotherapy & radiotherapy was tried. After continuing for 6 cycles of chemotherapy and 80% of radiotherapy the tumour had regressed and her condition improved. But the biggest problem was that after 6yrs symptoms revived back. Tests confirmed in 2006 that the tumour had returned back and it grew up to obstruct the food pipe. Doctors of Britain had declared her inoperable.

She was surviving on ingestible fluids for last 1 yr. Doctors were then suggesting for stents i.e. creating a narrow opening which will act like a food pipe. But it was a bit risky. After that her family suggested palliative chemotherapy but after she took 3 cycles results turned to be ineffective. Her life was in danger. At that moment his son Forid heard about Appollo Gleneagles Hospital and consulted clinical oncologist Arundhati Chakraborty and she referred Shobjan Bibi’s case to Dr Shaikat Gupta a leading surgical oncologist in kolkata. He is known to bring patients from the state of impossibility to normality. He is the a) Former Chief Resident Surgeon Dept of Surgical Oncology, Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. B) H.O.D of Surgical Oncology, Apollo Gleneagles Hospital, Kolkata.

She was taken to operation theatre on 16th November on the guidance of the best oncologist surgeon Dr Shaikat Gupta. The operation continued for nearly 10 hours. The ICU was her home for 2 weeks and thereafter she is back to her normal life now. She could now eat and drink everything without any hurdle. Well, according to her it was like a distant dream and she back to her daily life. She with her family now lead life with contention, happiness and peace of mind. She is thankful and grateful to Dr. Shaikat Gupta and his team for his extended cooperation and for giving her a new life. She is also thankful to Appollo Gleneagles Hospital for their support they have extended.

-18 December, Mohana Dam, Hindustan Times.

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