Leading Cancer Surgeon in Kolkata

Welcome. You are under the best hands for cancer surgery in Kolkata. Dr. Shaikat Gupta is the best surgical oncologist in Kolkata, India. He has successfully conducted thousands of cancer and tumor operations in various parts of the human body during the past twenty years, and has cured more than ten thousand patients of this dreaded disease. Most of the surgeries were quite complex in nature and were applauded highly by the medical fraternity. His success rates are so high that Surgical Oncology and Dr. Shaikat Gupta have  become synonymous in eastern India. He has about 20 years of experience in this field. Known for his high integrity, compassionate nature,  and excellent surgical skill, he is widely recognized in the discipline. He is especially renowned for his bloodless precision surgery technique. Dr. Gupta had lectured in several national and international conferences in the past decade and worked relentlessly to develop surgical oncology as a discipline in Bengal.

Dr. Gupta hasĀ  lectured in various Oncological conferences and seminars. He has attended several national and international conferences on cancer. In fact his continuous effort to expand his knowledge base has always kept him updated in this fast-changing subject.