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What is Cancer?

Benign Tumours
Malignant Tumours

Diagnosis :

Biopsy – does not lead to spread

Multimodality Treatment :

Surgery – does not cause spread of cancer !!
Chemotherapy – not painful Radiotherapy

Breast Cancer :

BCS ( Breast Conservation Surgery) in 50% patients of early breast cancer, with or without reconstruction.
No local recurrence so far. MRM in locally advanced breast cancer, after NACT.
2 days hospital stay Blood tariff – Nil

HFN Cancer :

Oral cancer – Commando operations with largely mandible sparing, superior functional reconstruction, zero mortality and zero blood tariff Laryngeal cancer – total laryngectomy with voice prosthesis, voice conservation procedures, no mortality and zero blood tariff. Thyroid cancer – Total thyroidectomy with B/L MND, 100% overall survival and zero blood tariff.

GI Cancers :

Liver resection D2 gastrectomy
Pancreatic procedures
Low AR and APR Colonic surgery

GU – Gyn Cancer :

Ovarian cancer Cervical cancer
Endometrial cancer RCIC
Radical nephrectomy Radical prostatectomy