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Getting  best surgical oncologist has become a very tough job. It is not like, there are a few best cancer surgeons in Kolkata but either they are too much professional or it’s tough to get their appointment. Cancer has become a very common disease due to pollution. Getting a proper treatment in cancer is very important and that to under the guidance of well known Oncologist in Kolkata. Dr. Shaikat Gupta, one of the best Surgical Oncologist in Kolkata.

Well, Dr. Shaikat Gupta, cancer specialist in Kolkata, practices in Appollo Gleneagles Hospital and Tata Memorial Hospital. He completed MBBS with a Gold Medal in 1992 and thereupon  securing the 2nd position in MS although his thesis was accredited as the best. He has honors in Surgery, Gynae- Obs, Pharma followed by numerous college prizes and medals which includes Sir Frank Connor Memorial Award in Surgery & also Sir Girish Chandra Ghosh Silver Casket in Pathology. Dr. Shaikat Gupta is one of the best Surgical Oncologist in Kolkata.

He is specialized in the field of oral, breast, stomach, survical, rectal, cologne, uterine and neck cancer surgery. A person named Swapan Barman (name changed) of 25 years age has vagina, uterus, fallopian tube along with testis and uterus, this kind of disease is called “Ovatestis”. He was treated wrong by a pronounced doctor in Kolkata. He almost lost all hope to stay alive. He was given a new life by Onco Surgeon in kolkata, Dr. Shaikat Gupta. This news was printed by Anandabazar Patrika. There are a number of cases which is not published.

According to him, cancerous tumor can be removed permanently if treated on time and obviously in proper place. Now, contacting him has become easier with the help of his own website (

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